We are a motorcycle training facility/traveling school with a holistic approach. We focus on all aspects of riding, including technique, the mental aspect, physical aspect and overall well-being of a rider. We believe all of these things have a dramatic effect on a rider being able to reach their full potential. 

We operate the majority of our schools from October - April at our private training facility in Center Hill, FL. These schools are kept small, about 4-6 riders, and are generally 2-day or 4-day schools. The 2-day is usually spent at the facility on mini-bikes really honing in on technique and giving the kickstart a rider needs sometimes. The 4-day we started very similarly to the 2-day then we generally travel up to Jasper, FL to ride a 1/4 mile short track there for the last 2 days of the 4-day school on big bikes and really put all the new technique into action. Find out more here.


We specialize in flat track & supermoto. We also offer entry-level motocross & enduro training as well. We totally believe in cross-training and believe it makes a very well-rounded motorcycle rider. 

What is the cost of a school?

The cost differs based on many factors, including whether or not a bike rental is needed, the location of the school and their track fees, the amount of riders we can take on for a specific event and whether accommodations or food is included. All information, including pricing, for each individual school is listed on the specific event. You can find our upcoming schools here , just choose the school of interest and the flyer and description should tell you all you need to know. If not, shoot us an email at info@moto-anatomy.com

If you are interested in private training please contact johnny@moto-anatomy.com to discuss options!



More information about each school can be found in the SCHOOLS tab of the navigation bar. Just select "Schools" then "Current Schedule" and choose the school you're interested in to view the event information. To sign-up, just click "SIGN UP NOW" 


IS FOOD INCLUDED? What if I have food allergies? 

The flyer/event page for your school will indicate whether food is included. We serve delicious plant-based meals that are 100% free of animal products. Read more here. 


DO YOU HAVE any apparel or anything else for purchase?

We are currently sourcing out the perfect items to be available in our shop, hoping to have some in the near future! We strive to find products that are sustainable and promote a more eco-friendly way of living, so look forward to some great quality organic cotton apparel, recycled fiber hats, canvas bags, reusable bottles, books and more! 



Yes! We have multiple airports within an hour and a half:

Orlando International (MCO) - 1 hour away

Orlando Sanford (SFB) - 1 hour 15 min away

Tampa International (TPA) - 1 hour 10 min away

St.Petersburg-Clearwater (PIE) - 1 hour 20 min away 

*Travel tip - Allegiant Air flies into Orlando Sanford and St.Petersburg/Clearwater from many locations, both are smaller less-stressful airports. Check their website for pricing when looking and to see if you have an airport near you that flies Allegiant (they are a no frills airline but we've had no complaints and we use them multiple times a year and so do our families coming to visit and many clients). Generally Orlando International and Tampa International are really inexpensive too but sometimes Allegiant blows their prices away in affordability at certain times of the year. We use Priceline a lot when booking and seem to find really great pricing there usually. 



For a 1-day school:
For a full refund or transfer of a 1-day school, cancellation must be made at least 10 DAYS prior to the scheduled event start-time. If the student cancels less than 10 days prior to the start-time of their purchased school, the student will receive a refund less a $125 cancellation fee.

For 2-4 day schools: 
For a full refund or transfer of a 2, 3, or 4-day school, cancellation must be made at least 14 DAYS prior to the scheduled event start-time. If the student cancels less than 14 days prior to the start-time of their purchased school, the student will not receive their 50% deposit back.

In the event of inclement weather, school times may be adjusted to give time to prep the track to a suitable surface for training. If we are unable to run the school because of weather we will discuss of suitable refund situation for all parties.

Added note: We are human. If there is a serious reason (including medical) why you may not make your school PLEASE notify us as early as possible to see about a refund. We adhere by our policy, but we do understand emergencies arise. We only take 4-6 students for our 2-4 day classes at our facility so a cancellation in those classes especially is a big set-back if the spot cannot be filled.



Due to a pretty serious allergy, we are a scent-free facility. We ask that our students attending any schools at our own facility PLEASE refrain from wearing any products with any type of fragrance (this includes deodorants, shampoos/soaps, sprays, colognes, etc.). Showers will be stocked with shampoo if you don't have your own scent-free options and we are also partnered with Island Deodorant, an all-natural and organic deodorant company that provides their product to each of our students that attend a school at our facility. If you have any questions on this matter please let us know! Thank you in advance for working with us on this!