4-day Racer Training Program Mar 29th - Apr 1st, 2018 in Greenville SC area

4 DAY RACER TRAINING PROGRAM March 29th- April 1st
3/8 Mile oval training Plus A Race Day


Set to be one of 10 Training’s biggest 4 day training program of 2018. 10 Training heads to Travelers Rest Speedway in Travelers Rest, South Carolina for an unique training experience which features a race day on day 3 of the program on Travelers Rest Speedways 3/8th mile oval for the first annual Thunder on the Mountain with a Pro-Singles $3000 to win and multiple amateur classes March 31st.

Limited to 6 racers, the 4 day training program will kick off with a 1/10th mile short track training session at TRS (Travelers Rest Speedway) on training bikes ranging from 100cc to 150cc to go over fundamentals, get familiar with 10 Trainings practices, and build a base for the rest of the week. Riders will then progress to the 3/8th mile oval on race bikes mid day to get a feel of the fastest 3/8th mile in the Carolinas. A physical training activity off the bike after riding to set a baseline on each riders personal fitness level. Capped of with a meal prepared by 10 Training at the rented home for the duration of the program which is all included. The evening will close with mental training discussion and drills, setting new goals for the next day, the next week, the next month and the next year.

Day 2 the riders will get an early morning warm up in off the bike and then get 3 hours of training on the 3/8th mile oval before 10 Trainings mechanic will help service each bike before Saturdays Race. Following lunch, the program continues with mini bike training drills, leading into a off bike training activity, wrapping up with another 10 Training prepared meal before a evening discussion on Saturdays race day plans.

Day 3 will be a full day of racing at the 3/8th mile oval with riders from across the country. Starting off the day with a morning stretch followed by a  track walk discussing track conditions, rider goals, and more. 10 Training’s Johnny Lewis and crew including a race mechanic will be with the riders every session, discussing set up, line selections, pre race thoughts, and more.

Day 4 will start off with an early morning jog around the track to loosen the riders up from last nights racing and to check out the track after a night of racing. Riders will then debrief in a group and then one on one with Johnny on last nights performance as well as set new goals to work on for the final day of training. After the day of training, Johnny will again have a group discussion and help set goals moving forward in the the 2018 season.

This program is geared toward racers, racers looking to reach that next level in the racing whether amateur or pro.

10 Training will provide the following in this 4 Day Program:
4 Days of training on and off bike
4 nights of Lodging at a near by rented house
4 days of meals including Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Pit pass and sign up for 1 class on race day
Professional level mechanic support all 4 days including race pre Friday after training for Saturday race day.
Optional gear provided such as: TXC Boots, Lightshoe, ARAI Helmets, 100% Goggles, etc.

Riders must provide:
All proper riding gear
Training and race bike
Training gear such as running shoes, gym apparel, heart rate monitor is suggested.  
*Optional: if all riders have mountain bicycles, mountain biking will be including into the program

Limited rental bikes available:
TTR125 “Training bike”
Husqvarna FC450
Additional models could become available

4 Day Program Cost: $1495
4 day Rental Bikes: $500

Only 5 spots available as of Dec…

Additional training days available following the 4 day program Monday to Wednesday including additional flat track training, motocross training, physical training,etc. Ask for me details.

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