First 4-day camp of 2018!

January 23rd to Friday 26th marks the first 4 day of 2018- 1 Spot left!


A 4 day program is set up to develop you as a rider both on and off the bike. 

For winter 2018 our 4 day program will be taking place both at our new facility in Center Hill Florida and Crossroads Complex in Jasper Florida. Our new facility is 50 miles west of the Orlando International Airport for the students flying in and only 20 minutes off I-75 off exit 321 for the students driving in from the north. Crossroads Complex is 2.5 hours north of our facility which offers 10 Training a 1/5th mile clay oval while we are still building our all new short track and TT at our own facility.

Day 1 and 2 will be held at the new 10 Training Facility. We will test both your mind and body, breaking down the basics of flat track even for the veterans of the sport. Bad habits develop over time no matter who you are if you don't pay attention, so the best way to break them is to start over, hit the reset bottom. This is what has aloud me to become the rider I am today, by running through step by step on how a motorcycle should be ridden whether its on a flat track, motocross track, road course, or in the woods weekly. Note taking is not mandatory but I do suggest it!

On these first two days at the facility we will also focus heavily on stretching and rehabbing the body. Walks, jugs, runs aren't uncommon so bring some running shoes along!

Food is also included, fueling the bike is one thing but fueling the body is another. We share our food lifestyle, our knowledge and success while providing an organic plant based meal for the riders throughout the day.

The program will still be the same as before as we will provide lodging all evenings to those who want to stay with us. For this 23/26th date we will do one evening at the 10 Training facility and then Thursday evening head north to an Air B and B house 10 Training has rented ( Pictures below) until an optional Sunday morning check out for those who want to spend an extra night at no extra cost.

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