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Traveling and motorcycling go hand and hand. Whether you're traveling to go racing or just riding from place to place for pleasure usually it requires some logistics. Over the years traveling across the country and even internationally the whole "travel logistics" has become just as normal as eating breakfast in the morning and must of the time I do both at the same time. I have even written a few articles for SideBurn Magazine on my younger years of traveling race to race living out of a van, stopping at Holiday Inn Express for the "FREE" breakfast, getting a 2 day pass at the local YMCA to get showers, and a few other free/cheap perks along the way!


Since traveling with 2 young kids and a wife now,  I can't really just "wing it" like we used to and we had to look into other options that fit our lifestyle. For nearly 3 years we lived in an RV full time which made traveling extremely easy, but after we got rid of our RV we had to start looking into other options like Air BnB. I first learned about Air BnB- (where you can actually rent entire house or even just a bedroom) when I first went on a trip to Italy with a friend for the EICMA Motorcycle Show. We rented this tiny apartment in Milan, Italy for multple days, it had one bedroom, a couch, bathroom, and a small kitchen just big enough to cook some meals in. The owner met us at the bottom of the entry way and handed us a key and said "godere" meaning enjoy and she was gone. The experience was neat, and since then we have experienced Air BnB rentals across the USA and Canada. Most of the time we rent the whole house and no one is there, other times we have rented a room for our stay where the owners are there and or another guest but we still get to use the whole house as if it was ours, including the kitchen, outdoor deck, and even living room.  


To me, the experience from start to finish is fun, you get on the website, type in date, price range, number of people staying, pet friendly or not, etc, then a list of homes come up. You get to stroll through pictures, read the owners do's and do not's and then can request the home. Its linked to my PayPal account and with a click you get a place to stay. The owner then will usually message you within a few minutes or hours and provide additional information on getting into the house, ask if you need help with anything during your stay and pretty much thats it. Sometimes the owner will greet you at the house, other times there is a lock box on the door.


Already this year we have spent 5 nights in an Air BnB home, and I have 4 more homes rented at this time for future trips. We choose to do Air BnB homes so we can have a place to cook meals, offer the opportunity for our students to stay with us when they are also on the road and experience life away from hotel rooms... Some places have personal pictures up, games for kids, wifi, tv, maps to local attractions, guest books, and more that make the experience that much more entertaining.  And to me the best thing is the price, 90% of the time I can get a whole house that can sleep 4 people easily for cheaper then I can get 1 hotel room that your walking over one another to use the bathroom.


Our next Air BnB will be for our January 23rd/24th/25th/26th 4 day program where we will spend multple days of that in North Florida at Crossroads Complex and have a 2 bathroom/ 8 guest house rented. Towards the end of March we also already have a 2.5 bathroom/12 guest cabin rented in Travelers Rest South Carolina for a week where we will have most of our students staying with us, enjoy meals, additional off bike training, and relax in their own bed during their 10 Training program.


Want to get $40 off your next $75 Air BnB stay? Click this link (  and start your Air BnB account today, its free to start an account and can easily do so with your Facebook login in!


Air BnB in not a sponsor of 10 Training, I just think its an neat experience and a way to save money when traveling. We plan to Air BnB our cabins and home out in the future to also make some additional income! Didn't think of that did you! Yup you can earn money from it as well. JL


 (Above) Latest Air BnB in Pensacola

(Below) Booked Air BnB homes for 10 Training Programs on the road.

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